Perfect Fit Tailoring offers high quality clothing alterations at affordable prices. Rachel has been serving my sewing needs for many years. She takes the time to listen and make sure she knows exactly how I want to customize my clothes. Before I knew about Rachel’s shop in Knightdale, I was driving to Raleigh (from Knightdale) to get my clothes fitted. I am so thankful a friend recommended Rachel and her tailor services in the Knightdale community. Rachel and the Perfect Fit Tailoring Team are awesome!

Additionally, I am thrilled that Rachel asked me to help with her online presence. I had fun taking photos at her shop, enjoyed learning more about her business, and was proud to bring her website to life. It is especially exciting to see how her team is now helping with so many weddings. Website maintenance to improve the viewer experience and relay information about the wedding customizations have been my focus recently. More updates are in the works, so stay tuned!

~Glenda Ryan, Web Designer, Knightdale, North Carolina.

Comments about Rachel Brown and the Team at Perfect Fit Tailoring

  • Rachel is the best!
  • Rachel is amazing!
  • Professional, friendly and fairly priced.
  • Very fair price, fast turn around, and sweet people.
  • Timely, wonderful, thorough work.
  • Great work!
  • Absolutely fantastic.
  • Rachel and her team do a wonderful job.
  • My wedding dress fits perfect!
  • Rachel and crew ALWAYS are giving 110%.
  • Rachel and her staff are wonderful.
  • Highly recommend her for your tailoring needs.

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